Certified Real Estate Divorce Specialists

Real Estate Divorce Specialists are real estate professionals specializing in divorcing clients. They are trained in the legal and tax aspects of the divorce process as it relates to real estate. They learn obscure legal rulings, regulations, and tax implications. This specific training allows them to help their divorcing clients take advantage of tax laws that are specific to selling a house in the divorce. For example, most people do not know that, in some circumstances, the spouse who moved out of the family home as long as 6 years ago can still take $250,000 exclusion when the house is sold, even though the spouse who stayed in the house also took a $250,000 exclusion.

Divorce is the legal ending of a marriage.  If a couple owns real estate a divorce will either force the couple to sell the house or force one of the spouses to buy-out the other spouse.  Divorces can be adversarial and emotional.  If real estate is, involved the best strategy for both parties is to try to detach emotionally from the real estate.  Although detaching is extremely difficult, doing so will allow both parties to think logically about how to best resolve their mutual investment. A real estate professional must be neutral and focused on accomplishing the task of selling real estate.  Choosing a strong and knowledgeable divorce real estate professional that is experienced in handling the challenges that can arise during this time is crucial.  Additionally, the real estate professional must be capable of remaining neutral and understanding the emotional aspects of a divorce sale.

Marketing a divorce sale can also be challenging for numerous reasons.  A wise real estate professional will not let prospective buyers know that the sale is caused by divorce.  Buyers knowing that the sale is forced by a divorce might try to take advantage of the situation by sending in lower offers hoping that the sellers might accept their low offer.  Both the sellers and their agents must do their best to try to shield the divorce as best they can from buyers and their agents. Sometimes the parties are not speaking to each other directly.  All communication between the parties might be through divorce attorneys.  Divorcing couples should choose a real estate professional capable of speaking to divorce attorneys in their own language.  Choosing the right realtor will create a positive effect between all parties and their attorneys. An experienced real estate agent will be able to formulate a plan from the inception of the listing that will take into consideration the needs and desires of both parties.